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Affiliated Learning Centers

Chuty has evolved during its twenty year history. The program started at daycare centers and moved to classroom visits, then became a part of classes at local preschools until it was time to open a dedicated Chuty center, which quickly filled to capacity. Then it moved to a set of affiliated learning centers and has now blossomed at La Casita de Agua.

Chuty classes at La Casita de Agua always include the parent and child, whereas affiliated learning center classes may include just the teacher and children. Whatever format is right for your child, you can rest assured that the magic and breadth of Chuty will be present.

The children who come to us from the Chuty program are amazingly well-prepared – they show higher level of security, reading readiness and an enthusiasm for learning that is extraordinary. – Principal, Colegio Ingles

If you think Chuty would be a good fit for your child’s school or learning facility, please let them know! We would be happy to speak with them about enhancing their school’s curriculum.

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