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La Casita de Agua: Chuty's Home

A model center for Chuty integral child development

What's in a name?

La Casita de Agua means “little house of water” – which speaks to our center’s loving and gentle atmosphere, where the values of family flourish. We invite you to visit us for a sample class, and strengthen early parental bonds that will last a lifetime.

What happens here?

Services include Chuty integral early learning and whole child development, cultural/ artistic programming and yoga for the family. We also offer instruction in the practice of conscious parenting through special workshops.

Other locations?

La Casita de Agua is the business and cultural home of Chuty, and provides a model program for the growth of the Chuty child program at affiliated learning centers. Chuty classes at La Casita de Agua always include a parent and child together.

La Casita de Agua is a special place

Where children flower....

Stop by for a tour!

Some kinds of children you will find here:


Making up their minds like mountains that can’t be moved, earth children learn by doing, and are deeply philosophical and artistic.


Communication is their talent – whether entertaining, telling stories or expressing ideas. Thoughtful, considered and always talking.


Bright and intense, these little ones take charge and can be unstoppable. They also inspire the spark of fire in others as they travel around a room.


The grace of habit and fortitude is the hallmark of these committed beings – diligent constructors of trust between groups of people.

Complimentary Chuty Class?

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