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The Magic of Chuty

Early learning and whole child development program

What is the Chuty system?

Chuty is an integral early learning & whole child development program that offers a nourishing mix of singing, play and fun. Building from roots in early stimulation, Chuty helps early learners forge neuromotor skills, increase cognitive abilities, manage feelings and grow in social confidence. The program’s beloved doll – named “Chuty” – comes to life as a teaching aide to parents, and a friend to the little ones.

Listen to the Chuty Song!

Chuty offers an eclectic mix of holistic-based educational techniques across five stages of child development, from 45 days to 5 years. It preserves and promotes Mexican traditions, and is delivered with instructional flair and loving openness.

Few programs so richly weave together songs, activities and outings to promote integral growth. What you experience with Chuty will transform your family over time, as themes explored in one development stage are revisited again in later ones!

Why choose Chuty?

Chuty stimulates natural learning through targeted neuromotor activities, a whole-child development approach and a carefully constructed learning environment.

Chuty helps establish family customs, such as planting a family growth tree, family recycling routines and other purposeful activities that develop the family ecology.

Chuty forges cultural connections. Children are encouraged to embrace the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of Mexico, as well as other world cultures.

How does Chuty work?

Chuty at La Casita de Agua consist of two 55 minute classes per week with parent and child, plus one optional field trip per month. Classes are limited to 15 children.

Where are classes?

The flagship Chuty program is delivered at La Casita de Agua in the heart of Tijuana. Chuty is also periodically offered by affiliated learning centers.

How much?

Please contact La Casita de Agua for monthly pricing. You can also contact affiliated learning centers with regard to special Chuty learning programs.

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