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Who is Araminta Ortiz?

Entrepreneur, child development leader & television personality

Araminta's Bio

Araminta Ortiz is a Mexican national and creator of Chuty whole child development. For over twenty years, she has worked with countless Mexican families and their children, through La Casita de Agua and affiliated programs, as well as through her television segment on Tijuana’s Televisa station. She has trained over 800 Chuty specialists, created a popular mass event in Tijuana called the Bebé Olimpiadas, spoken at childhood development conferences and has been honored with several Tijuana professional and community service awards.

Araminta is deeply committed to comprehensive early childhood development – providing families and children the time, space and tools to actively construct their world and thrive in harmony with their environment. She is especially proud of dietary recommendations and breathing techniques she has developed for babies and toddlers, to help reduce the afflictions of modern stress that work their way through the entire family.

At this time, Araminta is most interested to observe the behaviors of children from different cultures, noting how each culture bonds children to their community, and integrating insights from what she is learning into her North American program.

Every child is born with a talent – and the chance to flourish depending on the atmosphere we create for them. Conscious parenting gives us the opportunity to help life blossom from the joy and harmony of a happy childhood: with nature, art, culture and, most importantly, love, as the nutrients we provide.

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