To bring health and balance into children's lives
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Becoming a certified Chuty Specialist has strengthened the careers of over 800 educators, care providers and advocates over the last fifteen years. Our comprehensive and diverse educational techniques provide a special set of tools to enhance the learning and development of children in your school, workplace or community.

Standard Certification

Standard certification consists of instruction in the early stimulation and developmental techniques ordinarily delivered across the Chuty program’s five stages of early childhood development.  You will learn how to optimally stimulate children’s neuromotor growth, develop their cognitive capacities,  provide them tools to manage their emotions and grow in their social confidence.

Advanced Certification

Advanced training provides a new capstone for Chuty specialists who wish to fully transform from early stimulation to whole child development. It includes additional instruction in fundamental techniques (with special song and musical emphasis) plus exploration of whole-child learning approaches and cross-cultural child development.

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